the  best way to  be able to care for others is to start with yourself. self-care is good  to your mental health, taking time to listen to what you need make you strong and knowing yourself better, it also can cope with stress. when you have no activity on in a long holiday, do this and your time will not wasted.

here you are,

  1. take time to identifity the activities and actions that make you feel good.
  2. find somewhere quiet and meditate as needed.
  3. get a full night sleeping regularly.
  4. do 5 minutes journaling, it help so much.
  5. read inspiring quotes.
  6. write down a list of things you are thankful for.
  7. spend time outside.
  8. turn off your phone for a day.
  9. schedule an appointment with a therapist.
  10. spend time with a close friend or family member.

love what you do, it’s okay sometimes not listening critize from others.

love, gabriela.


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