Some people maybe good enough to live their life, some know how to solve their problem. but not much people knowing how to run their lives well, some reason is they don’t really know themselves.

here I share 10 questions that will help you with your life.

  1. what did you want to be when you were younger ?
  2. who are you most inspired by ? and why ?
  3. who would you love to meet ? the one that can help you !
  4. what are you most proud of ?
  5. what are you most afraid of ?
  6. if life stop today, what would you regret not doing ?
  7. what pratical skills do you have ? if you have a chance would you make something big with it ?
  8. have you in your life help someone ? and why you help them ?
  9.  if you could make a change in the world, what would it be ?
  10. how do you want to be remembered in life ?

this is the 10 questions, it help me to find what i want in my life and gratitude more and more and not going to regret what i did in the past but make it a lessons for my future.

i really hope that by answering this questions with seriously can make your life better.


love, gabriela.

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