Everyone surely want to be succes, but mostly of them didn’t know what to do. So here i share “23 habits of highly succesful people” by Lavendaire (Aileen Xu) a lifestyle blogger, youtuber, and artist of life from LA.

1. take full responsbility for your life:  don’t complain and blame others, always control your respond to others.

2.  knowing your priorities: do your most important task first.

3. dreate your own morning routine: choose activities that energize and inspire, you can also watch morning routine on youtube.

4. daily meditation / mindfullness: 5 minute journaling at morning is useful.

5. make health and excersise a priority: health is important, it’s difficult when you sick and you have to do something.

6. read and learn continiously: you know, Bill Gates reads 50 books a year and Warren Buffet reads 600-1000 pages a day, but you have to highly selective about what you read.

7. dicipline and self control: you have to stay focus on your goal, and try to not fall for distractions.

8. consistency: succesful people are extremly consistent, small consistent actions is how you build anything great.

9. follow through with what you say: take your promises and comitment seriously.

10. persist and perservere: do not give up easily ” no matter how hard it is or how bad it gets, you going to make it”

11. do not afraid to fail: sometimes failure is good, but keep try your best.

12. hone your craft daily: succesful people work on their craft, you can hone your talent by practicing often.

13.  self awareness: knowing what your strength and weakness, it can help you to solve your problem.

14. practice gratitude: the most importan thing in your life, no matter bad your life is keep gratitude. “success  without gratitude is the biggest failure of all”

15. have support system: family is everybody number one support system, partner, and also friends, this is one of the reasons why everyone have to make a relation with others.

16. surround yourself with like-minded achievers: succesful people surround themselves with people they can learn from.

17. goal oriented: you can make detail plans and how to achive the goals.

18. atractive and take initiative: if you want something, why don’t you go out and make it happen?

19. manage your emotions: learn how to detach from many emotions and try to not serving them.

20. commnicate clearly: this is important to learn, you have to speak with authority and confidence, and don’t shy to talk about your ideas.

21. good listener: listen to others and ask a qestion.

22. value alone time: everyone need a time to be alone, refreshing their mind or thinking about a big ideas.

23. love the jorney more than result: learn how to enoy the process.

this is it, everbody have a chance to be succesful at it.

love, gabriela.

// resource : 23 Habits of Highly Successful People – lavendaire


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